Ann Arbor police officers responded to a call at a fraternity house early Friday morning after a 20-year-old University student reportedly smashed multiple windows in the front of the house, an Ann Arbor Police Department official said.

Sgt. Andrew Zazula said when the officers arrived at the Kappa Sigma fraternity at 806 Hill St. at around 2 a.m. they found a front glass door shattered and broken windows on the front and side of the house.

“The student said somebody from that residence was giving him a problem earlier,” Zazula said.

Kappa Sigma President Greg Carmody said he was in his room with a couple of friends when he learned of the vandal’s presence at the front of the house.

“Someone comes in my room and says that someone is outside with a metal pipe,” Carmody said. “I went downstairs and was trying to calm him down and at this point he started going off on me. He was just in a state of uncontrollable rage.”

The man, who was apparently drunk, claimed that someone from the fraternity had been yelling at him from across the street, Carmody said.

Carmody said after the man shattered the door he ran away and entered a nearby house, at which point Carmody yelled for someone to call the police.

Carmody said he does not yet know the total cost of the damage, but that the glass in the front door alone costs about $1,000 to replace.

Police apprehended the man outside the nearby house, and he now potentially faces charges for malicious destruction of property and minor in possession of alcohol.

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