Breathe Owl Breathe isn’t your average acoustic folk duo. If Cat Stevens and The Books got together over a hearty bowl of mint-chocolate-chip ice cream and wrote a few tunes about sledding and black bears, they might come up with something that slightly resembles BOB’s latest album, Canadian Shield.

Drew Philp
Awww. (Courtesy of Earthwork)

Anyone hailing from the northern parts of Michigan might have already been graced by Breathe Owl Breathe’s earthy folk at last summer’s Blissfest or Dunegrass music festivals. And if you were one of the lucky few who were able to squeeze into Arbor Vitae last weekend, then you too understand how difficult it can be to translate the aural response to Breathe Owl Breathe’s music into language.

From the case adorned with etchings to the album’s little envelope containing a page of lyrics and loons to the 13 masterpieces on the disc itself, Micah Middaugh, Andr

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