Talking points

Three things you can talk about this week:

1. Gay sheep
2. How Al Gore made it too cold to walk to class
3. Biden’s slip

And three things you can’t:

1. The Super Bowl
2. New York Fashion Week
3. Aqua Teen Hunger Force

By the numbers

739 – Billions of dollars in the president’s proposed budget that would be dedicated to military operations with all supplemental requests are added

25.5 – Percent of the proposed federal budget dedicated to defense-related expenditures

0.1284 – Number of billions of dollars the proposed budget will direct toward the National Endowment for the Arts

Quotes of the week

“I am surprised, frankly, at the amount of distrust that exists in this town. And I’m sorry it’s the case, and I’ll work hard to try to elevate it.” – PRESIDENT BUSH on Washington’s political chilly climate in an interview with National Public Radio’s Juan Williams

“I could sit here and talk to you about the buildings I’m building in Chicago and Las Vegas, but I’m sure you’d much prefer to see Andy Dick actually forcefully removed from the stage.” – IVANKA TRUMP, daughter of Donald Trump, after comedian Andy Dick was removed from “Jimmy Kimmel Live” by security guards when he continuously rubbed her legs and hair.

“Our job is to bash the president. That’s what we do.” – EVAN THOMAS, a top Newsweek edtior, when asked about a media bias at the magazine.

Youtube video of the week

One more reason to read the Economist

OK, you succumbed to the Economist’s “Get four issues free!” pop-up advertisement, but the magazines just now stopped arriving.

While you mull over whether to continue letting the magazine paint you a clearer picture of the world – no longer free, but at least 67 percent off newsstand prices – watch this Economist commercial from the 1990s.

It begins in the first-class cabin of an airplane. “You’re sitting in seat 2A, wondering who’ll be sitting next to you in seat 2B,” intones a distinguished British voice over a mildly pomp-and-circumstance-esque tune played by a trombone.

While the “you” in suspenders and natty side-part reclines with a glass of wine, the flight attendant leads the occupant of seat 2B to his place.

Who is it? Henry Kissinger.

“Ready for a good chat?” concludes the commercial’s narrator.

How can you not immediately jump to your checkbook when reminded that you could have former U.S. secretaries of state as fellow readers?


See this and other YouTube videos of the week here

Themed party suggestion

Mock Rock – Dress up like your favorite athlete dressed up as a character from the Lion King. If you’re feeling really generous, charge guests extra for beer and donate the profit to Mott Children’s Hospital.

Random wikipedia article
of the week

General Custer

George Armstrong Custer (December 5, 1839-June 25, 1876) was a United States Army cavalry commander in the American Civil War and the Indian Wars. Promoted at an early age to brigadier general, he was a flamboyant and aggressive commander during numerous Civil War battles, known for his personal bravery in leading charges against opposing cavalry.

He led the Michigan Brigade whom he called the “Wolverines” during the Civil War. He was defeated and killed at the Battle of the Little Bighorn against a coalition of Native American tribes led by Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse. This maneuver of pushing a situation to the brink succeeds by forcing the opposition to back down and make concessions. This might be achieved through diplomatic maneuvers by creating the impression that one is willing to use extreme methods rather than concede. During the Cold War, the threat of nuclear force was often used as such an escalating measure.

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