Quotes of the week

“Danny is a grown man. I know not to drink too much . because it is really strong. Danny kept going after I was done. He clearly got more hammered than I did.”

– Actor GEORGE CLOONEY on friend Danny DeVito’s drunken appearance on “The View” last week, during which he called President Bush “numbnuts.” Despite a minor backlash, Clooney said DeVito “made me laugh until I cried when I watched him.”

“I don’t care about what might be politically correct and what’s not. I want to live longer!”

MURRAY BADER, a Manhattan resident, on New York City’s decision to ban trans fats at restaurants, as reported yesterday by The Associated Press.

“It’s hard to look them in the eye. Heck, we’re still not over it. You never get over it.”

– Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville on his team’s snub to play for a BCS Championship title two seasons ago, as reported Monday by ESPN.com.

YouTube video of the week

Irv Rosenfeld’s medical marijuana testimony

Carrying a tin of marijuana that looks like a box of cookies from Grandma, stockbroker Irv Rosenfeld speaks in front of the State House Committee on Government Operations in favor of medical marijuana.

Rosenfeld says he has smoked 10 to 12 joints a day for 35 years with no harmful effects to his health.

Rosenfeld, who has suffered from a bone disease since childhood, receives 11 ounces of marijuana from the government each month as part of a now-canceled medical marijuana program.

Halfway through the video, Rosenfeld seems to brag he can use cannabis while an elderly, wheelchair-bound woman behind him can’t: “I’m a federal patient. I’m using marijuana. I’m legal,” Rosenfeld says. “But that woman? I don’t know – she’s a criminal. She should be locked up and put behind bars.”

To watch the full video, log onto YouTube.com with the username and password michigandaily and check the favorites section.


Talking points

Three things you can talk about this week:

1. Colonizing the moon

2. Pseudocyesis

3. Splitting egg rolls

And three things you can’t:

1. Crotch

2. Glendale, Ariz.

3. Rip Torn

Random Wikipedia article of the week

Cambodian Midget Fighting League

The Cambodian Midget Fighting League (or CMFL) is the premise of an Internet hoax that was widely circulated around the Internet beginning in May 2005. A fake BBC news article was created for the purposes of a prank within the author’s group of friends, although it leaked out to the general Internet.

The hoax was particularly significant as the article was taken on face value by a good deal of British newspapers and magazines. Some newspapers referred to the incident as a tragedy, but – interestingly – some magazines, notably “lad’s mag” FHM, reported it as news, but did so from a humorous angle. Whether wittingly or not, the hoaxers drew attention to the callous nature of the British press.

The article reported a tragedy at a midget-versus-lion fight in Cambodia. A fan of the Cambodian Midget Fighting League challenged the league’s president in response to a recent league advertising campaign that the midgets will “take on anything – man, beast, or machine.” The fan claimed one lion could defeat the entire league of 42 midget fighters. Accepting the challenge, an African lion was flown to Kampong Chhnang especially for the event.

By the numbers

9: Number of Taco Bell locations that were temporarily closed this week as a precaution against E. coli contamination.

5,800: Approximate number of Taco Bells in the nation.

10: Number of patrons who were reportedly infected by E. coli in ground beef at a California Taco Bell location in 1999.

Source: The New York Times

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