Three things you can talk about this week:

Brian Merlos
Brian Merlos
Brian Merlos

talking points

1. Bush’s first veto override

2. Norman Mailer

3. Darfur (yes, still)

And three things you can’t:

1. Your registration appointment

2. Parachuting presidents

3. Stress

Quotes of the week

“Why don’t you shut up?”

Juan Carlos, king of Spain, to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez during the Ibero-American summit, in which Chavez called Spain’s prime minister a fascist

“The top one was planned specifically for a college student. It said ‘college student’ in brackets and then the question.”

Muriel Gallo-Chasanoff, Grinnell College student, on how a worker for Hillary Clinton’s campaign got her to ask Clinton a prepared question

“I remain confident that all of Michigan’s 60 national delegates will be seated next year in Minneapolis-St. Paul.”

Saul Anuzis, Republican chairman in Michigan, on how the national GOP will reconsider stripping the state of half of its delegates as penalty for its early primaries

“Network bosses, rich and rude. We don’t like your attitude!”

protest chant distributed to Writer’s Guild of America members .

YouTube Video of The Week

After MSU face-off, Henne face plants

Even in 14 seconds, the magic of a victory over MSU is sweet, but for Henne, perhaps a little bittersweet.

Henne’s part in snatching back victory from Michigan State University last weekend was graceful – too bad we can’t say the same for his post-game departure.

In footage from the end of the game, you hear the roaring crowd and see the celebrating Wolverines covering the field. Then Henne breaks from the hoard to valiantly lead his team to the locker room. Right before he disappeared from fans’ sight, he makes one last celebratory gesture, jumping and touching the yellow pole of the goalpost. Alas, he looses control and full on face plants just as the game’s announcer is singing his praises.

With this year’s OSU game looming closer, there’s no doubt more than a few Michigan fans are surfing the net for prophetic information on the Michigan football team’s performance for this weekend. But remember, as long as Henne’s not falling on the field, he can trip and stumble all he wants off it.

– Daniel Strauss

See this and other YouTube videos of the week at youtube.com/user/michigandaily

Theme party Suggestion

Countdown to Thanksgiving

You have two weeks until you must convince your extended family that you’re closer to being a self-actualized adult than last year. Host a gathering to rehearse the pontification of your life’s direction. Bonus points if you land a significant other or discover a seemingly impressive internship you can claim as your own.

Throwing this party? Let us know. TheStatement@umich.edu

Study of the week

Autistic babies walk sooner with treadmills

A physical therapy technique developed at the University where infants with Down syndrome walk on treadmills encourages walking up to four or five months earlier than conventional physical therapy, the University News Service reported.

Infants with normal development learn to walk at about 1 year old. Down syndrome infants typically take their first steps between 24 and 28 months.

The study’s researchers randomly assigned 30 infants to a lower intensity, unspecified training regiment or a high intensity, individualized training regiment, which the infants completed at home under their parent’s management.

High intensity training included escalating the treadmill belt speed and session lengths, as well as connecting light weights to the child’s ankles.

The infants in the higher-intensity group improved their stepping more dramatically and reached many motor milestones at an earlier average age.

Jessica Vosgerchian

By the numbers


Hours per day that residents of Orme, Tenn. are permitted to tap water from the town’s near dry supply


Months since the mountain stream that supplies Orme’s water dried up


People whose access to water is at risk because of a drought in the Southeastern United States

Source: CNN

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