Talking points

Three things you can talk about this week:

1. Iran
2. The possibility that Iran is lending Iraqi insurgents
weapons, including the deadly roadside bombs termed explosively formed penetrators (E.F.P.)
3. Fox’s Half Hour News Hour

And three things you can’t:

1. Britney’s new hairdo
2. Midterms
3. The Daily Show

By the numbers

17 – Percentage of Russians who have little to no confidence in Russian President Vladimir Putin

45 – Percentage of Americans who have little to no confidence in Putin

48 – Percentage of Americans who have little to no confidence in Bush

Quotes of the week

“Scrotum sounded to Lucky like something green that comes up when you have the flu and cough too much.” – Susan Patron in her children’s book “The Higher Power of Lucky.” The use of the word “scrotum” in a book meant for young children has caused some librarians to try to get it banned.

“(It) is just a wrong way to characterize the commander in chief’s decision to do what is necessary to protect our soldiers in harm’s way.” – President Bush on the allegation that he is trying to provoke Iran and that the administraion already has plans to invade the country.

“I loved her . It was real.” – Kenny Chesney on his relationship with actress Rene Zellweger. The country music star was responding to questions about his sexual orientation.

YouTube video of the week

Why biology class was better when drugs were OK

When the liberated decades of the 1960s and ’70s petered out, Americans lost fake eyelashes, tolerance toward destructive mind-altering drugs and great Bob Dylan music. We also lost something else: Entertaining educational videos.

In 1971, Stanford University’s Robert Weiss put together a short film on protein synthesis for the biology department. It features at least 50 students playing molecules that are forming a protein, aligning themselves in the appropriate formations for an overhead camera Like a jubilant, but ill-disciplined marching band.

The voice over explains what’s happening in verse littered with imaginary words, reminiscent of Lewis Carrol’s poem the Jabberwocky:

“Oh frabjous day. Callooh! Callay! The protein chain came streaming out!” the narrator exclaims.

It’s strange, and vaguely sexual, but it beats the hell out of the bio lectures we sit through today.

Anne Vandermey

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Wikipedia article of the week


Frottage is sexual activity without penetration that can include any form of sexual rubbing, whether naked or clothed, for arousal or orgasm.

Frottage can include mutual genital rubbing, sometimes called genito-genital or GG rubbing:

* penile-vulval rubbing without penetration for a male-assigned and a female-assigned person
* frot, penile-penile rubbing for two males
* tribadism, vulval-vulval rubbing for two females
Also nonmutual genital rubbing:
* intercrural intercourse, also known as interfemoral intercourse, placing the penis between a partner’s thighs, from the front or rear
* mammary intercourse, putting the penis between the other person’s breasts
* axillary intercourse, putting the penis in the other person’s armpit (Also known as ‘Bagpiping’)
* rubbing genitals against any part of the partner’s body, such as clitoris against thigh or penis against abdomen.

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