5.  Ben Folds, Guster and Rufus Wainwright —
Folds said at his concert Saturday that they’ll do a show
together in Ann Arbor sometime in June or July. Legions of adoring
fans just signed up for spring and summer classes.

Laura Wong

4. Condoleezza Rice testifies on TV — In the most
hotly anticipated deposition since “The Passion of the
Christ,” Condi takes the stand tomorrow to defend her
bumbling boss. Just try to pull me away from C-SPAN.

3. “Freaks and Geeks” on DVD — Shows
that are too good to survive on television continue to make their
way onto DVD. This undeservedly cancelled 1999 NBC series —
whose honest portrayal of outcast teens at a Michigan high school
in the ’80s won a core of loyal viewers — hit shelves

2. Activist apparel — Campus protesters are
sticking it to the man in style lately with gear that really lets
them wear their hearts on their sleeves. Student Voices in Action
members wear shirts that read, “Royster cut student services
and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.” Not anti-racist enough
for you? Build a New Civil Rights Movement one hoodie or tote bag
at a time with BAMN’s full line of merchandise, on sale at

1. “Kill Bill: 2” — Viewers of
“Volume 1” left theaters with a bloodlust after Quentin
Tarantino showed them how cool murder can be. The Bride returns
April 16 for another gore-fest, so watch out for homicidal road
rage as theaters empty out.

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