In light of yesterday”s tragedy, we stand united in condemnation of these heinous attacks. Together, we must grieve and ultimately overcome. This crime forces us to contemplate every held belief about ourselves, our community, our nation, and our world.

This attack could make our world appear dark and dismal, or could be an opportunity for cohesion and growth. It is vital that we stand together as a united community, held together by the bonds of humanity, love, and compassion.

By virtue of the community in which we are a part, the value of diversity has been deeply embedded within all of us. The University of Michigan is unique, special, and a place which we are proud to call our home, as a result of this diversity, but also tolerance. This tolerance has never been more crucial than now. The microcosm that we call our home can serve as an international example of diversity, tolerance, and peace. It is in our hands.

In solidarity,

Rachel Tronstein


LSA Student Government

As”ad Tarsin


Muslim Students Association

This statement was co-signed by the following student groups.

Campus Religion Network

Project SERVE

Michigan Student Assembly

Student Organizing for Labor and Economic Equality

Alpha Iota Omicron

American Civil Liberties Union of the University of Michigan

Tzedek: A Jewish Social Justice Consortium

Black Student Union

College Democrats

La Voz

Persian Students Association

Israel-Michigan Public Affairs Committee

University Activities Center

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