And so drops “John,” the second official single from the much ballyhooed Tha Carter IV. And really, what else at this point could inflate the hype bubble any more without popping it? We’ve already lain witness to the unsatisfying I Am Not a Human Being (though it wasn’t without its diamonds in the rough), seen Weezy shipped off to Rikers and then back again and watched his absurd “Inception”-inspired music video. His role in hip hop may seem to be in flux, but no fear, Mr. Carter has already beautifully summed up the question of his relevance: “What’s a world without enigma?”

Lil Wayne (feat. Rick Ross)

Tha Carter IV

After the clusterfuck assault on the senses that was “6 Foot 7 Foot,” it’s a relief to have some semblance of a traditional hook-verse-hook anthem. “John” sees Wayne continuing to toss out non sequiturs and outlandish references as effortlessly (or not so effortlessly?) as a flip of his dreads. Heavily sampled from guest Rick Ross’s “I’m Not a Star,” “John” is essentially just Ross’s original driving gangster synthesizer track punctured by some wobbly extraterrestrial resonances that recall the UFO ambience of Tha Carter III’s “Phone Home.” Wayne cops Ross’s hook (with good reason): “If I die today / remember me like John Lennon / Buried in Louis / I’m talkin’ all brown linen.” Safe to say, it’s time for Tha Carter IV. See you on May 17, Weezy.

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