5: Yankees-Red Sox — The best match-up in
professional sports just got better with off-season acquisitions
like Curt Schilling and A-Rod. Too bad Don Zimmer is with the Devil
Rays now. Pedro-Zimm II would have been quite the battle.

4: 660 — The most dramatic moment of the young
baseball season occurred Monday afternoon when Barry Bonds hit his
660th home run, tying him with his godfather, Willie Mays, for
third on the all-time list. The lamest moment of the young baseball
season occurred shortly thereafter when Mays literally handed Barry
a torch as his godson crossed home plate.

3: Fantasy Baseball — Easily the best way to waste
time on a lazy spring or summer afternoon. Never have I cared so
much about Mike Mussina’s WHIP ratio or been so happy when
Barry Bonds went deep.

2: The Detroit Tigers — Certainly no one expected
the Tigers to start out the 2004 campaign with wins in five of
their first seven games. If this keeps up, the universe may

1: Steroids — Thank you for injecting some
much-needed offense into the sagging game of baseball. Finally
160-pound second basemen can hit 400-foot home runs. It really
makes you wonder: What if Babe Ruth had been on steroids instead of
a steady beer-and-cheeseburger diet?

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