Jimmy John’s has perfected the balance between cheap food and good (or as they call it, gourmet) food. Usually, cheap subs mean severe gastro-intestinal distress, and really good subs mean not eating for a week afterward for lack of funds (Maize ‘n Blue), but Jimmy John’s manages to strike equilibrium.

Paul Wong
Hippies use side door. (EMMA FOSDICK/Daily)

With a short but varied menu, Jimmy John’s can suit all tastes in the realm of the almighty sub. The subs range from the traditional roast beef or Italian subs to creations like the Beach Club, which has avocado and sprouts in addition to the standard turkey and cheese. However, even though the sandwiches are excellent, the hidden treasure at Jimmy John’s is the chocolate chip cookies, which lie nearly out of sight by the registers.

The most difficult challenge presented to the devoted Jimmy John’s customer is figuring out the schedule of when the bread is fresh. I’m not sure what their schedule is, but it is as hard to figure out as the theory of unified energy.

The rule of thumb is that any time you show up between post-dinner time and the late night stoner rush, you are bound to get some french bread that is slightly crunchy. And speaking of weed, Jimmy John’s is the Mecca of the grinning, slow-walking masses that roam the streets throughout the night, and with late hours and fast delivery rivaling Pizza House, Jimmy John’s is a force to be reckoned with.

Oh, and if you’re one of those people who gets the wheat bread, stop.

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