For the second-straight year, Jimmy John’s has bested Ann Arbor’s wide selection of sandwich shops, once again proving itself the home of this city’s most scrumptious sub.

Jimmy John’s deserves the title not only because it offers quality ingredients and the best French bread (excuse me, freedom bread) west of the Atlantic, but because its three on-campus locations, speedy delivery and late hours (open until 4:00 a.m. every night) ensure that almost anytime, anywhere in the city, a Jimmy John’s sandwich is less than 30 minutes away from your mouth. Whether it’s between classes, during a late night of studying or after leaving the bar, J.J.’s is always a viable choice for great food.

Referring to Jimmy John’s cuisine as just “subs” is actually a terrible understatement. Each Jimmy John’s sandwich is a finely-crafted work of edible art. Unlike some sub shops where apathetic employees haphazardly slather buns with fistfuls of lettuce and dressing, making more of a casserole than a sandwich, Jimmy John’s employs a team of sub architects who build only structurally-sound sandwiches. Copious servings of provolone cheese, quality meats, sprouts, lettuce and avocado grace Jimmy John’s tasty French or wheat bread. Miraculously, the subs are never skimpy and somehow still manage to stay intact while being eaten.

As if the quality of a Jimmy John’s sub were not already praiseworthy, it also beats out a plethora of pizza places and competing sandwich shops as the best place to get cheap food. A Jimmy John’s sandwich will only set you back $3.25; add a bag of chips, a chocolate chip cookie or an enormous pickle and you’re still shelling out less than five bucks. With such reasonable prices, even students struggling to pay their rent can still afford to enjoy a Turkey Tom every once in a while.

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