Before Saturday’s games, we were worried Jenny Wu would
fare horribly. First, we had to explain what point spreads are.
Then, she picked 12 favorites anyway. But maybe she’s just
pretending to be bad with numbers. Or maybe she was too busy
selling Boone’s Farm to girls getting ready to grind the
night away at Phi Psi. Anyway, Sharad Mattu was pretty giddy at
around 7 p.m. on Saturday. Michigan gutted out the ‘W,’
and (more importantly) he was 8-1-1 at the time. For a while, he
was even dreaming of the no-hitter. But Mattu is happy to be ahead,
though he was even happier when he obliterated a deer on I-94 on
the way back to Ann Arbor.

Michigan Football

Gennaro Filice lost the lead this week, and clearly needs to pay
more attention to games outside the Big Ten. And Chris Burke
can’t believe he picked Indiana. But his Minnesota best bet
turned around pretty well.

As for Bob Hunt, who cares? Like we pointed out last week, he
sure doesn’t. Just look at those picks.

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