5. Michael Cogswell’s interview on National Public
Radio —
Cogswell, who’s opening a museum in Queens
dedicated to his research on Louis Armstrong, aired homemade tapes
recorded by Armstrong, offering a glimpse of some unheard sultry
notes as well as Armstrong’s appreciation of Jews.

Mira Levitan
(Courtesy of 20th Century Fox)

4.“All of This” — The second single
from blink 182’s new album. Robert Smith’s melancholy
vocals and lyrics add a softer, smoother side to blink’s
gritty edge. The only question is, who’s this Holly girl that
reappears on another track?

3. Tim Burton — With the anticipated December
release of “Big Fish” (surprisingly not starring Johnny
Depp) and his illustrated short in “The Animation
Show,” Burton holds his reign as artistic master of

2. “The Ben Stiller Show” DVD. — This
short-lived show was sadly cancelled after 12 episodes back in
1992, but luckily the DVD features the 13th unaired episode.
Severely underrated, Stiller’s show included Janeane
Garofalo, Andy Dick and Bob Odenkirk in 30 minutes of sketch

1. Brett Kelly — Weighing in at about a deuce and a
half, this young pudgy actor tickles hearts in “Bad
Santa.” In all of his movies (including the two others) Kelly
has played the role of “the kid.” Maybe it’s his
rosy cheeks and curly blond locks that make him a victim to such

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