This is that moment

Paul Wong
Louis Brown/Daily

Full of promise and grace and turmoil

Which shapes your heart and changes your mind

And if you can believe in the unbelievable

You can stare into darkness and attain

All that is waiting for a moment like this

I wish I could tell you what I mean

I wish I could show you my heart

But in its place I give you my thoughts

Full of honesty and confusion

Reach for the questions in life and love

And turn your head every once in a while

For that”s where you find contentment

And the answers to questions unthought

This is that moment

Full of promise and grace and turmoil

Let it shape your heart and change your mind

Take this part of me, the part unseen

And use it as a mirror for intentions

And don”t forget to stand amazed

At the power of reflection

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