5. “Timesplitters 2” — Best described
as “Goldeneye” on speed, “Timesplitters” is
still one of the best first-person shooters for the Playstation 2.
What other game has a handicap system that includes parachuting
monkeys with missile launchers?

Kate Green
Courtesy of Eidos

4. “Coldplay: Live 2003” CD/DVD Combo —
Perfect for those long nights in studio, the live version of
Coldplay’s best songs from their past albums as well as new
additions to their repertoire combine to create a superb

3. Live365.com — Add thousands of aspiring DJs,
dozens of various genres spanning from vintage radio to modern rock
and stations that accomodate any bandwidth. Mix well. Best of all?
It’s free. Internet radio is amazing.

2. Jack Bauer’s grimace from “24”
Don’t get Jack mad. When Jack gets mad, you know
someone’s gonna die. My prediction? Chase is next to go.

1. The Men’s Glee Club performance after the
Michigan/Ohio State game —
Wait a minute. There was a
game before the concert? Damn!














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