5 – “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” film — Author Douglas Adams may have not gotten to see his 20-plus-year project get this version of his famous stories up on the big screen, but I think he would have been happy to see the results. The trailer seems to carry the book’s comedic quality and adds the technological innovations the 1981 BBC version lacked; I thought the Vogon ships looked great “(hanging) in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.”

Ken Srdjak
(Courtesy of Dimension)


4 – “Timesplitters: Future Perfect” — Keeping its tongue planted in its cheek at all times, “Time Splitters 2” has the gameplay of “Goldeneye” with more unlockable mini-games than I knew what to do with. And it was INCREDIBLY hard; something not often seen in video games today. “Future Perfect” looks to make the “Timesplitter’s” saga even better.


3 – Ten by Ten — Though its focus is mainly on art, this contemporary magazine covers architecture, fashion, art, photography and design equally well. Headquartered right here in the Midwest, it gives a unique perspective on the design community often dominated by East and West Coasters.


2 – Fox — It’s hard to believe that a network known for such distasteful trash as “When Animals Attack” and “The Swan” could be my most watched station. But with my addiction to “24” stronger than Jack’s addiction to the needle and “Arrested Development” staying onboard for one more season, not to mention “Family Guy” coming back, I’ve got my reasons to be tuning to Fox.


1 – “Sin City” — Web-heads have been ogling over this flick ever since it was announced that the Frank Miller-based comics were going to be made into a feature film. It’s been a while since we’ve had a good looking and well-developed film noir. “City” looks like it pushes the technological envelope and has enough big names to attract even the most casual moviegoers

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