After missing six games for provoking the Indiana Pacer Ron Artest’s rampage through the Pistons stands, Big Ben returns to the Pistons starting lineup tonight.

Jasmine Clair

During his five-day-too-long suspension, Detroit went without its best defensive player while also falling victim to racist attacks upon the city’s image. As usual, the image of the 85 percent non white city is being destroyed by the actions of white suburbia.

Suggesting that Detroit be renamed “New Fallujah, Mich.,” conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh blamed the incident on hip-hop culture, characterizing the brawl as “gang behavior on parade minus the guns.”

However, when watching the replay of Artest sprinting into the stands to rock some guy’s jaw, no one noticed hip-hop insurgents throwing gang signs. Actually, we all saw middle-aged drunk white men throwing beer. Besides, gang members pour out liquor for those who died in the struggle, not for uncontrollable basketball players/aspiring rappers.

Yet, Rush still felt inclined to blame the fight on hiphop, which in doubletalk translates to black folk. Making matters worse, he also noted that such behaviors were exclusively liberal “blue city” behaviors. Cities such as Detroit, New York and Los Angeles share something in common outside of political ideology: They have large populations of colored folk.

Rush “Racist” Limbaugh’s comments were a direct assault upon the city of Detroit. Indiana is not a liberal “blue city,” but rather a conservative red state. So he wasn’t referring to the Indiana Pacers, who acted like wild boars escaping their zookeepers, but rather the people of Detroit who happen to embrace hiphop and liberal Democratic candidates.

Rush the Racist predicted that his words would be “tagged as racist.” Perhaps he felt that making this acknowledgment would somehow change how people perceived his words. Undoubtedly, there will be some na

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