In its first meeting of the new year, the University’s Board of Regents is slated to discuss proposed renovations to Schembechler Hall and Yost Ice Arena, totaling $23 million.

The regents will also consider a proposal for the University of Michigan Health system to expand its metro Detroit operations and a plan to upgrade utilities at the Northwood Apartments.

According to a communication to the regents from Athletic Director Dave Brandon and Timothy Slottow, the University’s executive vice president and chief financial officer, the proposed expansion of Schembechler Hall, which houses the football team’s practice facilities, will expand the complex by 7,000 square feet and renovate an existing 7,000 square feet.

The project plans to provide a new entrance for the existing football museum to better integrate it with the hall. According to the communication, the Athletic Department will primarily fund the project and the renovations are projected to cost about $9 million.

Brandon and Slottow also proposed extensive renovations to Yost Ice Arena in a separate communication to the regents, also to be funded by the Athletic Department. The project — which is slated to cost $14 million — will focus on the sky boxes overlooking the arena and will improve existing fire safety and suppression systems.

Specifically, the press area will be moved to the fifth level and the media boxes on the fourth level will be converted into a series of luxury boxes for spectators. The renovation will also allow for smoother evacuation in the event of an emergency, the communication states.

The Athletic Department estimated that the Yost project would be completed by this fall and there’s no anticipated date of completion for the Schembechler Hall renovations.

Hospital seeks to expand market share in Wayne County

In an effort to expand its market share, the University of Michigan Health System has requested $39 million from the regents for the lease of a new facility in metro Detroit.

According to a communication to the regents from Slottow and Ora Pescovitz, the University’s executive vice president for medical affairs, the proposed funds would go toward leasing a 100,000 square foot facility in Northville Township for Faculty Group Practice — a multi-specialty clinic — and Ambulatory Care Services. The new facility would support the existing Livonia Center for Specialty Care.

Pescovitz and Slottow wrote that the lease would last for at least 25 years, and funding would be drawn from the Hospitals and Health Center’s budget.

“As part of the University of Michigan Health System strategic plan to attract patients from outside the local market (Livingston and Washtenaw counties), the Faculty Group Practice and Ambulatory Care Services have targeted the I-275 corridor in western Wayne County for an expansion of services to improve overall market share,” the communication states.

If the regents approve the request, the facility is scheduled for completion by winter 2014.

Regents to vote on utilities upgrade for Northwood Apartments

In an effort to improve safety and efficiency, the aging Northwood Apartments are scheduled to receive utility and safety upgrades to modernize the buildings, pending approval by the regents.

In a communication to the regents, Slottow and E. Royster Harper, the University’s vice president for student affairs, have requested $7.5 million for upgrades to Northwood Apartments I, II and III.

The upgrades will replace the boiler systems with more efficient designs and also update the fire safety systems to meet “current life standards,” according to the communication.

Slottow and Harper noted that the apartments currently house 686 students, and it’s unclear whether the project will affect the availability of residences.

If approved, the communication stated that the project is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2013.

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