5 – ‘The Karate Kid’ Collection — With this shiny new DVD set, the classic franchise can be enjoyed by a whole new generation. Mr. Miyagi and the gang look fantastic in these remastered classics. Good thing they decided not to include “The Next Karate Kid” … oh wait, they did.

Angela Cesere
(Courtesy of VH1)

4 – Michael Jackson Trial — Wacko Jacko is back in the public eye and this time around it has nothing to do with a four-hour self love-fest of a comeback concert. At least Chris Tucker is nowhere to be found. Hang in there Michael, this one could get ugly.

3 – ‘The Surreal Life’ — Don’t be mislead, this show is really not that bad. Where else can you get high-school-style drama and washed up celebrities? The show, especially Go Go guitarist Jane Wiedlin, showcases all kinds of personalities. Its raciness harkens back to pre-Michael Powell America, and it’s the only place on television where you can see Verne Troyer have a nervous breakdown during tonal massage.

2 – Fleshbot.com — Anytime a celebrity drops her dress or shows up in a video with Rick Solomon, this adult-oriented blog will not only report on it, but will show you pictures — lots of pictures. The design of the site is easy to navigate and makes it easy for even the most innocent celebrity watcher to track down the mishaps that make actresses like Lindsay Lohan interesting.

1 – The Big Takeover — It’s hard, but try not to be “indie-timidated” by this quarterly music magazine. Takeover gets access to some of the biggest names in music, but still devotes a lot of space to up-and-comers. Not only are hundreds of artists covered, but also the writing is succinct and clear, offering great insight into some truly fantastic music.


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