Since the break-up of the undeniably influential blues-rock outfit known as the White Stripes early last year, Jack White has been strangely absent from the music scene.

Jack White

“Love Interruption”

Rolling Stone’s 17th-ranked guitarist was nowhere to be found, despite still being a member of two other bands. There was a collaboration here, a cameo there, but nothing that truly came from the legendary man himself.

“Love Interruption” has finally arrived to change all that. An early release from White’s first solo album (hard to believe, but true) due out April 24, the single finds the musician in his natural habitat — over an acoustic guitar, with a few bluesy woodwinds and a sultry backup singer in the shape of Nashville native Ruby Amanfu.

White starts sweetly, with the lyrics “I want love to roll me over slowly,” before elaborating in true fashion: “Stick a knife inside me and twist it all around.”

There’s nothing fancy going on here, but the music has that signature blues touch — and after such a wait, it feels good.

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