The Bowl Championship Series isn’t perfect.

Morgan Morel
The BCS gave Lloyd Carr good reason to be angry after leaving his team out of the title game. But a look at some other systems shows things could be worse. (PETER SCHOTTENFELS/Daily)

But then again, what is?

Through all the yapping, bashing and trashing about the BCS lately, I’ve yet to hear many alternatives mentioned other than a playoff. So in the interest of adding to the never-ending list of sports what ifs, let’s see what would happen if the NCAA used a different method to name a champion.


In an effort to emulate one of the more successful pro sports leagues, the NCAA could adopt the PGA Tour’s system of tracking the money list.

This year, things wouldn’t really change that much, as the Buckeyes win the title. I’m pretty sure the Ohio State players receive more cash than anyone else in the country.


The good news: Under this system, Michigan wins a championship.

The bad news: So do 50 other schools.

After Ohio State refused to play Michigan in a rematch, the WFAOA, WFLOU, WFAOL and IFAOL all stripped the Buckeyes of their heavyweight titles, which negated any chance of a unified champion. The Wolverines grab two of those championships with a win over Southern Cal, as well as the IFLOL and USFLOU belts that were vacant.

Other teams get in on the fun, too. Undefeated Boise State lays claim to a number of junior-middle-micro-nano-giga-welterweight titles. Even Florida, blown out by Ohio State in the National Championship game, captured a belt – the JWCFALNC – sanctioned by the boxing association run by infamous Harris-poll voter Jim Walden, who continued to rank the Gators first.


Under NASCAR rules, the best racers can compete in Busch Series races, essentially the minor leagues, even if they will be participating in the big race the next day. The night before the Southeastern Conference Championship game (thanks Dr. Pepper), Arkansas took on a local high school, and punt returner Reggie Fish got injured. There’s no chance for him to muff a punt the following day, and Arkansas beats Florida, sending Michigan to the championship game.

In front of the neutral crowd (sponsored by Citigroup) on a better field (brought to you by Sprite), Michigan tops Ohio State for the title (provided by Pepsi) and controversy ensues (paid for by Microsoft).

The Grammys

Last year sparked controversy when the Recording Academy showed how out of touch it was by ordering a match-up of big names Notre Dame and Penn State. This year, the Academy set out to prove it was still cool.

Impressed by Boise State’s undefeated record, mid-major status and blue turf, the voters make the trendy pick and send the Broncos to face off against Ohio State in Glendale, Ariz., for the National Championship.

Ohio State wins, 76-3.

Homecoming queen

After Lloyd found out that Jim didn’t cast a vote, he called Charlie who asked him if he heard what Mack found out Urban said to Phil about Lloyd, who had, in fact, not heard what Urban had told Phil, who didn’t tell Mack but called Bobby who then talked to Mack.

Disappointed, Lloyd complained to Principal Slive, who dismissed it because he’s Urban’s second cousin.

Electoral college

The election is filled with hanging chads (not Hennes), faulty electronic voting machines and days of speculation. Controversy hits Ohio again, as many of the voters follow their esteemed leader and fail to cast a ballot. Florida barely ekes out a win in its home state, after thousands of people accidentally vote for Troy.

I’d like to tell you the winner under this scenario, but I can’t really predict it. If George W. Bush was elected twice, anything can happen.

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