Usually, Khaled Abu Toameh reports for the Jerusalem Post and U.S. News and World Report. But Tuesday, Abu Toameh will report to students in Ann Arbor, discussing his experience as a journalist amid conflict in the Middle East.

Speaking Tuesday at 8 p.m. in the Vandenberg Room of the Michigan League, Abu Toameh has traveled from his hometown of Jerusalem to present a speech entitled “Another Angle: Reporting Conflict in the Middle East.”

Abu Toameh will share his personal narrative of being an Israeli-Arab journalist during political tumult in the Middle East. He will discuss his experiences working for both Israeli and Palestinian newspapers.

Abu Toameh is expected to discuss the importance free speech and a free press, especially in his line of work. In the past, Abu Toameh has said he would write for any publication that will have him — regardless of the publication’s political stance.

The event is a joint effort by the American Movement for Israel, a pro-Israel campus group, Israel Initiating Dialogue, Education, and Advocacy (IDEA) and the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America.

Rachel Goldstein, chair of the American Movement for Israel, said she hopes that not just those with a vested interest in journalism will find the speech enlightening.

“We hope that even people who are just interested in the Middle East in general, or what’s been going on, especially regarding the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, will feel welcome to come and get a different perspective on the issue,” she said.

Goldstein, an LSA junior, said AMI invited Abu Toameh to speak because of his unique perspective on the conflict, having reported for both Palestinian and Israeli publications.

Abu Toameh “has an important perspective to share, regardless of the political climate,” Goldstein said.

Currently, Abu Toameh is a Jerusalem Post and U.S News and World Report correspondent for the West Bank and Gaza areas. He previously served as a senior writer for The Jerusalem Report and correspondent for Al-Fajr, a now-defunct Palestinian publication.

Abu Toame studied at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and has produced numerous films about Palestinians for the BBC.

Goldstein said that Abu Toameh has significant experience to share.

“Now that Israel is kind of a ‘buzzword,’ he is especially timely,” she said.

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