Ever wonder about what your professors jam to in their spare time? Daily Arts knows that musical preference ranges, but we’ve never seen a list with quite as much punch as LSA Prof. Juan Cole’s offers.

Sarah Royce

Author David Horowitz may have named Prof. Cole as one of America’s 101 Most Dangerous Academics, but with albums encompassing the vocal stylings of Christina Aguilera and the velvety classics of Stan Getz, his iPod has some definite hip-shaking power.

About his musical tastes, Prof. Cole said “I follow Shakira in part because of her hybridity between Lebanese music and dance and Latin. It encapsulates a very important but often overlooked diasporic Arab identity and is analogous to the London and Toronto bhangra scenes – though more circumspect because of the politicization of Arabness.”

As for his fondness for hip hop’s reigning duo, Prof. Cole said “I liked some of Outkast’s singles back in the ’90s but lost track of them until Idlewild, which attracted me with the blues and jazz elements.”

1 Christina Aguilera
Back to Basics

2 Nat King Cole
The Very Best of Nat King Cole

3 Nelly Furtado

4 B.B. King and Eric Clapton
RIding with the King

5 Diana Krall
The Girl in the Other Room

6 Antonio Carbs Jobim and Stan Getz
Jazz Round Moonlight

7 Outkast

8 Santana
All that I Am

9 Shakira
Fijacion Oral, Vol. 1

10 Joss Stone
Soul Sessions

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