Last week the Michigan Daily examined if University students were being divided by Ann Arbor’s wards. We also constructed a possible student-majority ward of our own.

The below interactive mapper allows readers to create their own ward and see how many students it contains.

View our interactive ward mapper in full screen.

Our assumptions:
We found approximately 7,000 registered student voters in Ann Arbor. For this analysis we assumed that their general distribution is consistent with the overall distribution of all students across Ann Arbor. To see how this plays out with the overall number of students on campus (43,710) we can subtract international students ineligible to vote (9,047 as of 2014, according to the International Center) as well as students under 18 in September (approximately 750 according to the University Housing). This leaves us with about 34,000 students in a city of about 117,000.

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