The cookie crumbs of Insomnia cookies will soon increase in Ann Arbor as the company is returning to Ann Arbor after a hiatus of more than a year.

Popular cookie vendor Insomnia Cookies signed a lease last month to move into the space formerly occupied by Yogo Bliss on South University Avenue.

Since Insomnia Cookies ceased all Ann Arbor operations in January 2011, students have had to rely on Stucchi’s on South University Avenue as the sole location to satiate an Insomnia Cookie craving. The company previously operated its business out of a food truck until a change in Ann Arbor’s Solicitors and Peddlers ordinance forbade food trucks from parking and selling food “on a street or other public property … for longer than 5 minutes within a 2 hour period unless issued a street use permit for that location.”

Seth Berkowitz, CEO and founder of Insomnia Cookies, said he believes the store will be as successful as the truck was.

“We know from our experience that the store will be a welcome place,” Berkowitz said. “There’s going to be a lot of seats for people to hang out. It will be warm; it will be indoors and will have all the things that our other stores do, so we expect it to be very successful.”

Berkowitz said Insomnia Cookies is renovating the inside of the space in order to fit the company look. However, the city posted a “Stop Work Order” on the front of the company’s new location on Sunday, noting that it lacked the proper permits for any construction work in the space.

In a statement to the Daily yesterday, Lisha Turner-Tolbert, general permit manager for the city of Ann Arbor, said Insomnia Cookies has since applied for the appropriate permits and had the space inspected.

Mike Giraud, vice president of Swisher Commercial, the realty company that owns the property, said he expects Insomnia Cookies to be successful at the South University location.

“I think they’ll do phenomenally,” Giraud said. “It’s a tested product. They’ve got a good location. They know their demographic and they’ve got a great business plan.”

Giraud could not be reached for an additional interview to provide comment on the “Stop Work Order” notice.

Engineering senior Divya Kondapalli said she’s glad that Insomnia Cookies will soon have its own store.

“I love Insomnia Cookies,” Kondapalli said. “They’re good for a late night snack. They’re just warm and gooey.”

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