Students who previously satiated a late-night cookie craving outside the comforting glow of the Insomnia Cookies truck may have noticed a void in their food options over the past year.

While Stucchi’s on South University Ave. continues to sell a limited variety of Insomnia Cookies during their normal hours of operation, the company has not used its truck in Ann Arbor since Jan. 2011 and has ceased delivery services, according to Seth Berkowitz, Insomnia Cookies’ CEO and founder. Despite the loss, Berkowitz said he hopes the truck will return soon, adding he has struggled to find retail space in Ann Arbor for a stand-alone shop, but is “actively pursuing” an available location.

Berkowitz said a change in Ann Arbor’s Solicitors and Peddlers ordinance forbade the Insomnia Cookies truck from parking in its usual location — on State Street near East Williams Street — for more than a specified amount of time. The policy made it impractical for the business to continue in Ann Arbor, and it was an inconvenience for customers, Berkowitz said.

According to the city ordinance, a vehicle is prohibited from selling foods “on a street or other public property … for longer than 5 minutes within a 2-hour period unless issued a street use permit for that location.”

Kristen Larcom, an assistant attorney with the city of Ann Arbor, said she didn’t know the specifics of Insomnia Cookies’ withdrawal from Ann Arbor. However, she confirmed that for safety reasons, the city’s traffic code generally does not allow food sales from vehicles.

“The city is looking to protect the people (and) control the streets,” Larcom said.

While it’s still uncertain if the Insomnia Cookies truck will be able to sell cookies in the city again, Berkowitz said the company is eager to rejoin the Ann Arbor community if the opportunity arises. He said he estimates the company may even return as early as August or September.

“It was great for us, we were very happy being (in Ann Arbor) and we look forward to being back,” he said.

Berkowitz added that the business was extremely profitable on State Street and leaving Ann Arbor “was a very unfortunate split.”

In past years, the truck had also parked in front of South Quad Residence Hall on East Madison Street, but Berkowitz said the number of customers at the location was not comparable to the business at the company’s regular State Street spot.

Though the truck did draw business in front of South Quad, it was only 25 percent of the profit the company would have made on State Street, Berkowitz said.

Jim Seta, owner of Stucchi’s on State Street — a former vendor of Insomnia Cookies products — said though his store is not currently selling the cookies, he believes they were popular among students and would like to sell them again.

“Right now, it’s still up in the air,” Seta said.

Berkowitz said Insomnia Cookies continues to thrive on other major college campuses, including Michigan State University. The shop in East Lansing is located on East Grand River Avenue, an area that Berkowitz described as being very similar to the State Street and South University areas.

LSA sophomore Patricia Bynum said that Insomnia Cookies’s late hours deterred her from shopping regularly at the truck, but added she is understanding of the frustration held by other students who were frequent customers of the truck.

“I don’t really see how it was a safety issue,” Bynum said. “Around that time (of night), nobody’s out.”

Correction appended: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated the last time the Insomnia Cookie truck was in operation.

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