Prosecutors have decided not to pursue charges against two Beta Theta Pi fraternity members for a pair of alleged rapes last semester.

“They didn”t believe they could prove it beyond a reasonable doubt,” said Ann Arbor Police Sgt. Rich Kinsey. “It”s a tough situation for the prosecutor barring some sort of physical evidence.”

The prosecutor”s office decided not to pursue charges on Jan. 8 after reviewing evidence collected by the AAPD, Kinsey said. The police sent more evidence to the prosecutor”s office, but after reviewing the additional evidence, prosecutors again decided on Jan. 10 not to pursue charges. AAPD has completed its investigation of the incident, although police did not confirm that the investigation was closed until Friday.

Two women alleged they were drugged and sexually assaulted at a Beta Theta Pi fraternity house party by members of the fraternity on Oct. 25.

One victim later decided not to press charges, but police decided to continue their investigation into both reported incidents.

In response to the allegations, the fraternity placed itself on social probation and decided to ban alcohol in its house.

“I”m happy the situation concluded,” said Beta Theta Pi President Mike Basford, who added that the fraternity will be taking itself off of social probation but future social events will be held at third-party vendors such as bars or clubs.

“It affects every one of us,” Basford said. “Being labeled as a rapist isn”t anything anyone should have to go through.”

Some fraternity members are upset by the negative attention paid to the fraternity in light of the rape accusations.

“Both girls were very young, both very drunk, and both very unaccountable for their actions,” said Mark Levine, a member of Beta Theta Pi.

Last week, the fraternity chapter met with representatives from Beta Theta Pi”s national organization regarding changes to the rush process. Mike Kokkinen, the fraternity”s national risk management director, said an internal investigation of the allegations has been concluded, and the fraternity is undergoing a re-dedication process.

“We”re changing the way we recruit,” said Brad Coppens, a member of Beta Theta Pi and executive vice president of the Interfraternity Council. “It”s recruitment the way it”s meant to be done.”

Coppens said the house will focus on recruitment on a personal level and with low-key social events. In the past, the fraternity has relied on parties as a recruiting tool.

Coppens said the fraternity is moving on from the events of last semester. “This type of event will happen again, and has happened in the past. It”s over now.” He cited a Greek peer education program as one step the Greek community is taking in response to the incident. Coppens said fraternity members will work in cooperation with the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center to educate fraternity members about sexual assault.

This was not the first time the fraternity was in trouble with the AAPD. In 1997, police investigated an alleged rape at the fraternity, but the victim did not press charges. In 1998 an undercover AAPD sting caught Beta Theta Pi and two other fraternities distributing alcohol to minors.

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