5 – Fantasia – The American Idol winner revealed she is functionally illiterate. No jokes here, how about some props for a woman overcoming impossible odds and trying make some change? Besides, she’d probably still smoke Paula Abdul in a spelling bee anyway.

Andrew Skidmore
Courtesy of Paramount

4 – ‘A History of Violence’ – David Cronenberg’s latest crime thriller opened to wide critical acclaim and became the best-reviewed film of the year. Sure Viggo Mortenson is the star, but this one is definitely not for fa

3 – ‘Saturday Night Live’ – NBC’s late-night gem began its 31st season last weekend. Horatio Sanz sat in for new mother Tina Fey on weekend update and bombed. But Will Forte stole the show once again with a surprisingly realistic impression of the “Commander in Chief” and the addition of two talented new cast members promises a memorable season.

2 – Ashton Kutcher – One of the most talked about Hollywood couples finally got married last week. Bruce Willis, still obsessed with doing his ex-wife one better, is understandably shell-shocked and considering foregoing Lindsey Lohan and having that all important conversation with Dakota Fanning’s parents.

1 – Chris Rock – Stand-up standout, with his mixture of vulgarity and insight, may be the hottest thing in entertainment today. His new sitcom just opened to rave reviews ,and his last film, “The Longest Yard” was recently released on DVD. With a sequel to his other summer blockbuster “Madagascar” in the works, Rock should be set for the next few years.

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