Imagine being part of a group that has enough trust in each of its members to give the individuals total creative license to explore their craft. Comprised of original dances choreographed by each member of the company, Impact Dance’s Annual Spring Production will showcase a variety and uninhibited creativity in choreography that can only be produced by such a group.

Impact Dance Annual Spring Production

Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m.
Mendelssohn Theatre
Tickets from $5

The Annual Spring Production is the company’s biggest show of the year, and it’s always an eclectic yet cohesive compilation of dances created by each member in the style of her choice over the winter semester. This year the show includes jazz, contemporary, hip hop, tap and a large production number.

“This year is going to be our most diverse show,” said LS&A senior and Impact Dance Co-Chair Jackie Busch.

Impact’s repertoire is influenced by the diverse backgrounds of its members, most of whom have danced from a young age in a studio company, dance team, ballet school or competition circuit. Although the company’s members have danced for years, the art of choreography is new to most of them.

“Whenever we bring in new girls, we’re never really sure what their style is or what their background is,” Busch said. “It’s scary for some people, because nobody has ever choreographed before, but I think it’s kind of fun for everyone to delve into choreography.”

The dancers’ commitment to each other’s creative vision and respect for the artistic process can be seen in rehearsal, and it’s what allows Impact Dance to present stunning and exciting pieces to its audience.

Lauren Wolfe, a sophomore in the schools of LS&A and Music, Theatre & Dance, first experienced the group’s openness last year when she choreographed her first jazz piece.

“I had all juniors and seniors in my piece, so I was really scared,” she said.

Of course, the company’s work ethic and mutual trust allowed Wolfe’s piece to be successful, launching her more confidently into the daunting world of choreography.

“It’s really cool to watch my stuff onstage,” Wolfe said.

Music, Theatre & Dance senior and Impact Dance Co-Chair Sophie Torok has chosen to break away from her typical jazz choreography and to create a new contemporary piece for the show.

“It’s gone through a lot of changes, and it’s really different from what it was at the beginning. The dancers added a lot to it,” she said.

Ross School of Business junior Arielle Ziv has grown as an artist since she choreographed a piece that was in a style completely new to her during her freshman year.

“I’ve done jazz every year, but in high school I never really did jazz, so it’s cool to get into a new style,” she said.

As if Impact hasn’t produced a show with enough variety on its own, the company will be joined by guest performers and fellow student groups The Friars, an a capella octet, and comedy company ComCo.

Those who attend the Annual Spring Production will experience a collection of pieces that could only result from the unconventional process Impact Dance has employed to draw creativity from each of its members.

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