The Id, Macy Gray Epic Records

Paul Wong
Courtesy of CBS

While combining a touch of the “60s, mid-tempo melodies and intense artistic license, Macy Gray has again unleashed her raspy pipes in her new album, The Id. Accompanied by an entourage of whistles, purple feathers and plenty of hair, Miss Gray has abandoned her internal musical editor to create the newest addition to modern music”s list of retro-nouveau.

Crooning of lost loves, and an extreme proximity to insanity, Macy”s alternating mushroom snacking causes quite a bit of confusion, for one song her mood is up, while the next song is most definitely on it”s melodious way down.

Joined by a similar back-up team of “Hair”s” ensemble cast, her spicy and risqui tunes, such as “Sexual Revolution,” not only induce a feeling of welcoming corruption, but use every instrument offered by the philharmonic to encourage a breakthrough sense of disco meets R&ampB.

Remaining consistent with current musical genres and her past releases, Macy Gray”s current single, “Sweet Baby,” is conservatively ironic when listening to the rest of album. For while guaranteeing her baby, “there”s one thing I”m sure of/that I”m your lady/always baby/and I love you now and ever,” she immediately abandons the casual, non-threatening musical combinations of her Billboard friendly single, following it a with bold and daring compilation of suggestive rap, upbeat chorus and catchy hip-hop, explaining to “Harry” that she “doesn”t want to be [his] girlfriend,” just dish the “lovin”.”

This gutsy new album could be disastrous for most artists, yet only the impactful and memorable strength resonating in Macy Gray”s spirit and vocal chords give her the power to pull off this intense musical chaos.

Although her insanity is a characteristic some would quarry as asylum-bound, Id continues to the open the door to new genres and styles of music, something we have yet to see for a long time.

Grade: B

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