H aving already gone through a some Belgian Blue Moon beer, a couple of bottles of Bell’s, as well as some Jim Bean, I’m ready to go and give some guidance to those who follow us: To all the right wingers: chill the fuck out. It is as never as bad as it seems. To you left wingers: Bush is a hard-core major league right wing toolbox, and don’t ever forget that-don’t compromise your beliefs. However, don’t forget that the centrist wing of the Democratic party is important in both strategy and as well as philosophy. Neither George W. Bush, his advisors, nor the rest of his clan are never to be trusted despite what they say or claim

Meanwhile, the liberals running for President in 2004 must not alienate the base of the country while still always fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. Being a candidate for office isn’t just a privilege. It’s a responsibility that should always be honored first and above all others. Your community demands no less.

It is important for all people our age to never forget about civil rights, civil liberties, and all else we hold dear. Whether someone is an honest immigrant or whether someone is under suspicion, no one should be not forgotten or misused. The rights that our country represents are for everyone, not just citizens or the popular.


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