Deafening begins to describe what Autzen Stadium sounds like. But even then, we’re not doing it justice. The alumni? Crazier than the students. The students? Puts anything the Big Ten has to offer to shame. We’re not saying this just to say it. They’re that good. The students sprint into the stadium – yes, sprint – to get the best seats possible when the gates open an hour and a half before the game. “Let’s go Ducks!” chants broke out two minutes after that by the hundreds already standing. Even after Oregon got up to a 31-21 lead, the place just got louder as all remained standing. Michigan fans there kept it respectful, as they remained throughout. Oh yeah, one more thing about the Ducks’ fans: They don’t need gimmicks. No “Duck-out,” no first down mock/chop, no keys and no wave. Just insane enthusiasm to be watching football on Saturday.

Mira Levitan








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