It was a unique trip for two of the Michigan Daily’s football writers. due to limited space in Kinnick Stadium’s press box, we got an opportunity to sit in the stands for the game and really get a feel for the Iowa crowd.

Mira Levitan

We weren’t very impressed.

The Wolverines easily sucked the life out of the timid Hawkeyes fans when they went up by two touchdowns early.

Even the Iowa student section was demoralized after its team’s poor start. But of course, the Wolverines began to implode, and the Iowa crowd fed off these mistakes.

As Iowa slowly began to climb back into the contest, the crowd began to take interest once again, and the noise level did go up. But it still did not come anywhere near the Oregon crowd, or the noise level when Notre Dame came to the Big House earlier this year.

The noise level reached its peak after Iowa’s touchdown in the fourth, but even that was far from what it could be.








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