“Brian’s an international man of mystery,”
freshman tennis player Steve Peretz exclaimed about his roommate
and teammate Brian Hung.

Poor performances and injuries are common explanations for why
players are removed from the lineup, but Hung did not play No. 3
singles for the Michigan men’s tennis team this past weekend
because of jet lag.

Although Hung did play and win his doubles match, coach Mark
Mees thought it would be wise to give the freshman some resting
time. While the rest of the team was enjoying a two-week break,
Hung had returned home to Hong Kong for a Davis Cup match against

Leaving the country on Feb. 2 and returning eight days later,
Hung came back four days before the Wolverines’ match against
Toledo and just hours before a test.

“I arrived in Detroit on Tuesday and had to rush back to
campus just to be in time for my calculus midterm,” Hung
said. “The flight is about 16 hours long,.”

Adjusting to the 13-hour time difference has taken its toll on
Hung. Practices in the afternoon force athletes to attend classes
as early as 8:30 am. When he is jet lagged, Hung falls asleep
around 5 in the morning. Even with the traveling woes and added
time commitment, Hung enjoys participating in the Davis Cup

“It’s pretty tough, but it’s a great
experience to have,” Hung said. “It also is nice to
have my family and friends watch me play in Hong Kong.”

Teammates and coaches are supportive of Hung’s

“It’s a good experience for him and its something
that did not interfere with our schedule,” Mees said.
“It is something that is important to him and important to
his country.”

In April, the Hong Kong Davis Cup team is scheduled to play the
same week that Michigan faces both Indiana and Indiana State. But
Hung has resolved to stay in Michigan that week and play.

“If there is a tournament here and in Hong Kong I would
have to stay here and keep my commitment to this team,” Hung
said. “Not only are there big matches that weekend, but I
also have exams to take.”

Hung is ambitious both on and off the court. He will apply to
the Business School next year and currently plays in Futures
events. These events are open tournaments in which wins give
players Association of Tennis Professional (ATP) points. Hung
already has two points and a professional ranking of 1,269 in the

Meanwhile, Hung is readjusting to the time change and resting up
before the next match. Michigan faces Brown this weekend for its
sixth-straight home match. The Wolverines have jumped up eleven
spots in the rankings since the beginning of the season and are
currently No. 46, five places ahead of the Bears.

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