Michigan cornerback Todd Howard was charged this week with a felony for his role in a July car accident that involved three vehicles.

Howard, who allegedly lost control of his vehicle, swerved into an oncoming lane of traffic on Packard Road, striking the vehicle of a woman in her late sixties. The woman is still receiving medical care, Pittsfield Township Police Capt. Elizabeth McGuire said.

Washtenaw County Magistrate A. Thomas Truesdell issued the felony charge Tuesday in 14th District Court. The 21-year-old Kinesiology senior could face two years in prison or a $1,000 fine if convicted.

Howard is expected to play in Saturday”s football game against Wisconsin.

Howard has not turned himself into police in response to the charge, but McGuire said this is common, especially after extensive investigations.

“It”s not unusual for people to be notified (by letter) and allowed to schedule a time to turn themselves in,” McGuire said.

A pretrial hearing will be set once Howard turns himself in to police.

Pittsfield Township Police spent several months conducting an investigation shortly after the incident, said McGuire.

“Typically a case is investigated and it is not unusual in investigation cases for the charges to be reviewed quite a long time after the accident for any number of circumstances,” she said.

McGuire said felonious driving is driving at a speed or in a manner that might endanger others and thereby injure a in crippling manner.

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