Almost everyone has experienced, or at least heard of, an awkward morning-after story. In Basement Arts’s latest production, “How Love Is Spelt,” students get to see this scenario explored (many a time) in emotional detail through lead character Peta (Tedra Millan, Music, Theatre & Dance senior), upon her arrival in London from Liverpool.

“How Love is Spelt”

Tonight at 7 and 11 p.m., tomorrow at 11 p.m.
Walgreen Drama Center

“The show is important because it is relevant to the collegiate lifestyle,” wrote director Laura Winnick, LSA junior, in an e-mail interview. “(Chloe) Moss’s writing muses on topics far too familiar to the University demographic — in general, the consequences of going out, getting drunk and returning home with a stranger.”

“(The show) explores drunkenness, inhibition, love, relationships, sex and identity,” Winnick added. “It explores being alone and scared in a big city and turning to strangers for guidance.”

Each scene brings in new characters, whose interactions with Peta range from “ridiculous to heartfelt,” according to Winnick. As the situations unfold, audiences will see that Peta has been hiding something from herself, and each new character helps her realize it. Through witty dialogue and heart-warming moments, the play delves deeply into the idea of relationships and what we seek to gain from them — whether it be from a stranger or a close friend.

As the semester winds down, time is running out to see the free student-produced theater put on by Basement Arts.

“People should see it because it is a shameless way to reflect on their own morning-after experiences,” Winnick wrote, “without having to send the awkward ‘What’s your name again?’ text message.”

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