Always wanted to see the world but never had the time? Well, if you can’t find a job after college, perhaps traveling is the right option for you — and it may even be an economical one, too.

According to a survey conducted by the American Council on Education, 93 percent of students said they wanted to study abroad during their undergraduate years but didn’t get the chance.

So why not after college? For some, the fear of adapting to a new social environment or not knowing the language can be a deterrent. But for many, the main concern is money.

Paying for traveling and cost of living expenses can be far outside any students’ budget, especially those leaving campus with hefty student loans.

But students shouldn’t dismiss traveling so quickly. One option could be working abroad.

With some research, students can find opportunities to work abroad whether through international internships, fellowships and even volunteering.

If you do decide to go abroad after college, be smart about it. Do your research. Be sure to search out job and volunteer opportunities in the country in which you want to travel.

If you want to just go for a visit, be sure to decide and calculate your budget for your trip. This could mean figuring out transportation costs, where you’ll stay and what you’ll do when you get there.

Remember to be flexible and reasonable. Traveling can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience with many opportunities to network for a career, explore the world and learn more about yourself.

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