If you’re looking to delay your career life a few extra years, why not start with a program introduced right on the steps of the Michigan Union?

The Peace Corps offers numerous benefits, one of which is deferment of most student loans, which could come in handy with a lack of income. Another would be full medical insurance and affordable health insurance up to 18 months after.

Volunteering would expose graduates to different cultures and languages and offer international experience — all of which are important in today’s global economy. And after completing two years in the program, volunteers can be hired in the federal government without going through the competitive process.

The Peace Corps covers living expense, but only enough to live like the locals. When finished with your service, though, you receive $6,000 as adjustment money.

On the opposite side of things, joining the Peace Corps gives no definite promise of any solid employment afterward, regardless of the amazing experiences one has gained.

Those who volunteer would also have to be very comfortable with being away for long periods of time as volunteers only get two days off a month, which does not allow for a lot of traveling back home.

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