Amid the battle in a tough job market, many post-grads welcome the comfort and convenience that home has to offer. Returning home after college is a practical means to boost finances and ease the transition between college and career.

The return home allows graduates to expand their finances and address any student loans early on. They are also spared from rent expenses that may easily devour a starting salary and leave them with little to spend on utilities and other necessities.

Finances aside, living at home affords the ultimate comfort of home-made meals and fully-stocked fridges. Less time is required for laundry, cleaning and dishes which would otherwise be time-consuming for any single person to manage.

But then again, this does mean moving back home. Say goodbye to some freedom. Parents may expect help around the house, appointing chores and errands that would otherwise be self-scheduled or avoided altogether. Living at home may also mean living under limitations set for entertaining guests and even the occasional curfew.

For many graduates, living on their own may be desirable but difficult to manage. The option of returning home after graduation is certainly a tug-of-war between independence and financial stability. Either way, it’s always nice to know there’s home sweet home.

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