Hidden among the small cafes and residential dwellings of Church Street, Pizza House has grown from just another pizza parlor into Ann Arbor’s most-loved restaurant. Its pizza is hailed as the best in the business, but its eclectic cuisine has surpassed all expectations with its sheer number and quality of its tantalizing meals.

There’s no better way to start off your meal there than with a helping of Pizza House’s breadsticks. With just the right combination of buttery softness and crust-like crunchiness, these things disappear quickly, leaving only a trail of marinara sauce behind.

Its namesake delicacy, the pizza, is the classic example of Pizza House’s flair for culinary excellence. Best known for its deep dish, the Pizza House pie is made to satisfy every order. The toppings are always smothered in sauce and buried amid a sea of hot, gooey cheese. The crust is just thick enough to support the mound of treats baked onto it but so much so as to include an excess of dough, creating an ideal equilibrium for this entree.

Anyone who’s ordered takeout can attest: This is not a pizza for lightweights. The pie itself feels like it weighs five pounds, but you can tell it’s packed with only the best flavor in the area.

If pizza isn’t appetizing enough, Pizza House has added innumerable other winning combinations to its repertoire of fantastic feasts. Subs, both hot and cold, make for simple or spicy meals, depending on one’s tastes. Pizza pockets mirror the great taste of their larger counterpart, but these single-serving dishes serve those who can’t handle a whole pizza to themselves.

While the restaurant offers other Italian favorites and even the all-American classic of burgers and fries, the chipati outshines all of them. This pita-like choice combines a rather unusual tasting bread with equally unique and savory food stuffed inside. The chicken caesar chipati blends two of Pizza House’s prize meals into one, including a healthy portion of their fantastic salad in the mix.

Because it’s open pretty late (approximately 4 a.m.) every night, Pizza House is a favorite with late night study groups and the bar crowd. The servers are welcoming and pleasant at all times, but the place can get a little loud in the wee hours of the weekend.

On the plus side, Pizza House is more than willing to accommodate large parties, and some late night noise never seems to bother anyone.

With its friendly service, accomodating staff and great food, Pizza House, quite rightly, holds the title as one of the finest campus joints around.

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