Classical Civilization Prof. Derek Collins claims he isn’t trying.

Angela Cesere
Derek Collin is the hottest male University professor, according to ratemyprofessors.com. He teaches Classical Civilization focusing on Greek poetry. (ROB MIGRIN/Daily)

He says he’s just trying to look professional.

He says it’s “cute” that ratemyprofessors.com has a category in which students can rate their professors’ hotness.

But Collins’s students say he’s the one who’s cute.

Classical Civilization Prof. Derek Collins has been ranked the hottest male professor at the University by users of ratemyprofessors.com, a website that lets college students post evaluations of their teachers.

Collins said he’s honored but hopes students don’t take his classes just because they think he’s attractive.

“If every student on campus wants to take my class because of the way I look, that’s great,” Collins said. “But a student doesn’t stay in your class because of eye candy – they stay in your class because they’re interested in what you’re teaching.”

The website allows students to grade teachers on a scale of 1-5 based on how easy a course was, how clear the professor was, how interested the user was in the material and how hot the professor was. When a student ranks an instructor a 5 in hotness, the instructor gets a point. Collins has 23 points.

Collins said he thinks the website serves an important purpose.

“It is a real example of students’ civil responsibility and holding faculty responsible for what and how they teach,” he said.

When asked how the hotness ratings serve the student community, Collins laughed and described that particular category as “cute.”

Collins said the attention is flattering but that his job is to teach, not to look great every day. He said he doesn’t have a particular beauty regiment or celebrity icon and that looking glamorous isn’t one of his priorities.

“I don’t have a look I’m trying to cultivate,” he said. “I don’t buy brand-name things – I look for things that look professional.”

Collins then rethought his answer, adding that he would like anyone with fashion tips to pass them along. The students on ratemyprofessors.com don’t seem to think he needs any help in that department, though.

“Prof. Collins makes Greek Mythology extremely interesting,” wrote one user who claimed to have taken Classical Civilization 385 with Collins. “Not only that but he’s nice to look at as well.”

“Good looking guy . gives off a George Clooney vibe,” another user wrote.

That user gave him 5/5 ratings in every category – including hotness.

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