Hotel for Dogs
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1 out of 5 Stars

Well, the kanines were cute, but other than that there’s not much motivation to sit through “Hotel for Dogs.”

Andi (Emma Roberts, “Nancy Drew”) and Bruce (Jake T. Austin, “The Perfect Game”) are orphans living in a foster home. Their foster parents Lois Scudder (Lisa Kudrow, TV’s “Friends”) and Carl Scudder (Kevin Dillon, TV’s “Entourage”) hate all animals and behave as such.

What the Scudders don’t know is that Andi, Bruce and some friends from the neighborhood spend their spare time rescuing stray dogs from the town’s overly sadistic animal control officers. They put the strays up in an abandoned hotel, where Bruce has designed inventions that cater to every dog’s needs, ranging from a golden fire hydrant to a car ride simulator. The fact that a nine-year-old boy could come up with these ideas is highly improbable, and even with Bruce’s inventions, the hotel would most likely be considered a health code violation. It is full of unsupervised dogs, after all.

The cast is an interesting mix of fairly talented and less developed actors. Don Cheadle (“Hotel Rwanda”) plays a social worker, but his performance can’t save the film. Kudrow and Dillon, two normally talented actors, are totally unfunny despite their strange antics. The young performers are like a much lamer, less talented cast of “High School Musical.”

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