Between her drunken boss hitting on her and having to work until everyone else has fled the building, Angela (Rachel Nichols, “Alias”) is having a pretty shitty Christmas. Things get considerably worse when she’s trapped in her building’s parking garage with Thomas (Wes Bentley, “American Beauty”), a security guard with some seriously bad tips on how to meet women.

Angela Cesere
He hates her Stooges ring tone. (Courtesy of Summit)

And that’s pretty much it – lots of running and screaming and hiding. “P2” is a thriller that really doesn’t even try to bring anything original to the table. While the film does serve up several fleetingly frightening moments (never antagonize a crazy person’s angry dog), there’s nothing distinguishing it from any other horror movie Hollywood spits out each year.

Just about the only thing that makes “P2” memorable is Thomas’s epic stalking skills. Seriously, this guy thinks of everything to keep Angela locked in that garage. He even gives her Christmas presents – and they say chivalry is dead.


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Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

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