Be prepared for a spectacular night of jazz Saturday when Dave Holland brings his quintet and big band to the Michigan Theater. His music should certainly be a treat for both avid and casual jazz fans. Dave Holland is one of the most respected names in modern jazz. He is renowned around the world for his solo and quintet work while his big band is met with increasing acclaim.

Todd Weiser
Courtesy of UMS

Born in England, Holland left school when he was only 15 to pursue his musical career. Eventually he received a full scholarship to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. In the 1960’s, jazz legend Miles Davis discovered Holland and asked him to come to America to play in his fusion band.

Since moving across the pond, Holland has earned a reputation as one of the best jazz musicians and is noted for his improvised jazz. He is an extraordinary bass player, cellist and composer. Holland is also dedicated to teaching, and he was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Music from the Berklee School of Music for his work at various schools and conservatories. The major influences on his work are the creative styles of Miles Davis, Ray Brown and Leroy Vinnegar.

With one of the strongest and most recognized quintets in popular jazz today, Holland had already made his music known. When he started his big band in 2000, many doubted that it would fit in with the music his quintet was known for. Their fears proved to be ill founded, however, when his big band successfully made a splash into the jazz scene.

Holland combines his quintet with the power provided by the band and pulls off something that few composers can. He applies each individual layer of power with precision, utilizing the soloist, quintet and big band effectively. Earning three Grammy nominations, including one this year for Holland’s Big Band album, “What Goes Around,” the Big Band is receiving rave reviews from jazz fans, critics and musicians alike.

Seeing and hearing this talented group of musicians on Saturday will certainly be a delight. The perfect harmonies of the musicians combined with the improvisational jazz skills of Dave Holland are second to none.

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