Who partied with whom to welcome in the New Year?

Lucky you if you were in LA and able to get into the HARD New Year’s Eve party. Justice manned the decks and Peaches worked the stage. Good times, we hear. Too bad we fell asleep watching Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve, empty bottle of Andre clutched in our hot little hands.

But in another part of town, Kevin Federline was seen “chatting intimately” with Paris Hilton at a Mensa meeting over the weekend – just kidding, at LA club Lax.

Ex-wife Britney – divorce newly finalized – spent New Year’s day with paparazzo boytoy Adnan Ghalib, kids and court-appointed monitor in tow. Her new photog pal is reportedly married, according to OK! Magazine, and the tabloid must be reliable – it broke the news about kid sister Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy after all.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are still denying that they’re in the family way, though rumors said they told their families over Christmas that they were expecting.

But Tyra Banks announced that she’s planning to adopt a child. Orphanages around the world, ready yourselves.

And Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly back with Israeli model Bar Rafaeli. Sigh. The couple was spotted holding hands all over Hollywood before Christmas.

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