Five years ago…

State legislators hosted a forum in Ann Arbor to discuss making textbooks exempt from sales tax.

10 years ago…

The Internal Revenue Service picked the University as one of seven colleges to do a special audit as part of the Coordinating Examination Program. The IRS wanted to review the procedures of how they taxed universities.

Feb. 10, 1984

At a military research forum hosted by activist groups, University President Harold Shapiro said that despite his personal opposition to nuclear weapons escalation, limiting University contacts with the military infringed on academic freedom.

Feb. 10, 1988

After interim President Robben Fleming proposed a Code of Student Conduct, the Michigan Student Assembly passed an alternative version of the code. The main difference removed the clause that punished students committing non-academic infractions with academic sanctions such as suspension or expulsion.

Feb. 11, 1972

The Housing Policy Committee approved “in principle” the formation of black student housing within the residence halls.

The decision stemmed from complaints by black students that they were repeatedly harassed by white resident advisors who invaded their privacy.

Feb. 15, 1966

Gov. George Romney urged state universities to ban Communist Party from speaking on campus to promote Communism or to seek new members.

Feb. 13, 1962

Wilber Brucker, former Michigan governor and secretary of the Army, spoke at the University.

He criticized the Kennedy administration for its handling of matters in Berlin and Laos, and called for America to back up its strong words of aid with action.

Feb. 16, 1951

University President Alexander Ruthven said a New York Times study saying University faculty cuts would be necessary, was “ridiculous.” The study stated that as much as 15 percent of the nation’s college faculty would be downsized in Fall 1951.

Feb. 9, 1945

The Michigan Senate Business Committee named two senators, George Higgins and Otto Bishop, to investigate the “Eaton resolution” which called for the University of Board of Regents to make meetings open to the public.

Feb. 12, 1945

A fire that started in the basement of the Campus Drug Store, located at the corner of State and East Liberty streets, spread to three other stores. The Ann Arbor Fire Department estimated between $250,000 and $400,000 in damage.

Feb. 13, 1947

Athletic Director and football head coach Fritz Crisler withdrew his name from a University of California search seeking a new football coach.

Crisler did not reveal the reasoning behind his decision, and ended up staying at the University for another 21 years.

Feb. 10, 1976

The Ann Arbor Tenants Union criticized Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler’s policy of requiring freshman and sophomore football players to live in residence halls.

The AATU said it was unfair for sophomore football players to receive guaranteed space in a residence hall when all other sophomores had to enter their names in a lottery to get space. Schembechler denied that the policy existed.

Feb. 12, 1924

A new campus radio station opened in the Electrical Engineering Building equipped with a new wireless phone. The phone allowed the radio station to broadcast basketball game results all over the country.

Feb. 10, 1949

Michigan House director Eleanor Frazer led a Michigan Daily reporter on a tour of the new women’s residence hall, later named Alice Lloyd Residence Hall, on Observatory Street. It would house 510 women and be divided into four separate houses.

– Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Jeremy Berkowitz.

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