Five years ago…

LSA Dean Edie Goldenberg announced her resignation at an LSA faculty meeting, effective Aug. 31.

Goldenberg served as dean of the University’s largest college for nine years.

During her tenure, Goldenberg undertook a large-scale fundraising campaign that raised $110 million for the college.

“I will miss Dean Goldenberg’s vision, her leadership, her commitment to academic values and her devotion to the long-term goals of the University of Michigan,” Law School Dean Jeffrey Lehman said. “I hope that the University can do as well in choosing her successor.”

After a yearlong search, Shirley Neuman took over the position permanently in 1999 and left in 2002. Goldenberg returned to the political science department as a professor.

Ten years ago…

The Michigan basketball team lost to the North Carolina Tarheels in the NCCAA championship game by a score of 77-71. Violence almost broke out in Ann Arbor as approximately 3,000 students mobbed the intersection of South University Avenue and Church Street, setting off fireworks and throwing objects. A rock hit the shoulder of University Vice President for Student Affairs Maureen Hartford. The Ann Arbor Police Department made 10 arrests that night.

April 6, 1982

The University announced it would raze the Economics Building, one of the oldest structures on campus. The University could not afford to renovate the building after an arson occurred there on Dec. 24, 1981.

University officials said the economics department would probably be relocated to Lorch Hall or the West Engineering Building. Many professors were not surprised by the University’s decision.

“There was no chance to patch it back together again,” Economics prof. Saul Hymans said.

April 10, 1956

The University announced that renovations on the old Ann Arbor High School would begin soon, in time for it to be used next fall.

The University purchased the building the previous fall for $1.4 million and said renovations would cost the University more than $2 million. In addition, the building would be renamed after Henry Frieze, a former professor and interim president.

April 8, 1983

Thirty-five students stormed into the Fleming Administration Building and held a sit-in in the office of Provost Billy Frye.

The students complained over the secret budgetary process, and demanded the end of closed administrative meetings. In addition, they wanted a new representative body to oversee the ranking of University priorities.

“We believe that autocratic decision-making has no place in the University,” LSA freshman Naomi Braine said. Frye talked with the students for almost three hours, but made no promises in regard to their demands.

April 9, 1970

The University announced that Oxford Housing would become a co-ed residence hall in the fall. Oxford, comprised of various co-ops, was previously only for women. An over-abundance of men applying to the University caused the move to a co-ed residence hall. Men would be required to do 4-6 hours a week of housework in Oxford.

April 9, 1977

In the Michigan Student Assembly election, independent candidates won six out of nine seats.

Only 4.5 percent of the student body voted. Independents said their hard campaigning signaled the end of political parties in MSA elections.

“The key is to make personal contact with the people in your dorm and to generate name recognition,” independent Jon Lauer said.

April 8, 1996

The Graduate Employees Organization began a two-day walkout of classes after 38 hours of non-stop bargaining. At stake were GSI wages as well as training of international GSI’s.

Although the administration urged the faculty to continue classes, some professors chose to cancel or move their classes off campus.

“I think GEO is full of people who do a lot of things for faculty,” English Prof. Richard Tillinghast said. “I think they are overworked and underpaid.”

– Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Jeremy Berkowitz.

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