Five years ago…

Anti-affirmative action leader Ward Connerly spoke to 500 students at the Michigan League. Connerly, who sat on the University of California Board of Regents board when it voted to end its affirmative actions policies, faced vocal opposition from students when he talked about his hardships growing up as a black child in Mississippi. The audience later complained that Connerly avoided their questions.

Ten years ago…

Violence broke out in downtown Ann Arbor at an annual rally of the National Association for the Advancement of White People. Among the outbursts, counter demonstrators pushed three white supremacists into the wall of the Ann Arbor Fire Department and repeatedly punched them.

March 16, 1983

The Committee on the Economic Status of Faculty released a survey showing 77 percent of University faculty members opposed unionization. But the survey said professors also wanted a greater voice in determining their salaries.

<p>March 20, 1986

For the fifth consecutive day, protesters demonstrated outside Republican U.S. Rep. Carl Pursell’s Ann Arbor office. They demanded Pursell meet with them to discuss his support of President Ronald Reagan’s proposed bill to send $100 million dollars to the Contra rebels fighting the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. Police arrested 40 demonstrators that day.

March 16, 1973

University Safety Director Frederick Davids reported a 20 percent increase in campus crime between 1971 and 1972, including a large jump in the number of armed robberies. Davids said new measures were being taken to improve campus security, including a requirement for all security officers to wear radios connected with the Ann Arbor Police Department dispatcher.

March 19, 1972

The LSA curriculum committee began looking at proposals for changing the school’s grading system. Possible alterations included the addition of a written evaluation for grades as well as a pass/no entry system where if a student failed a class, it would not appear on a student’s transcript.

March 19, 1969

The Intramural Sports Committee proposed construction of the Central Campus Recreation Building and the North Campus Recreation Building. Rod Grambeau, director of intramurals, said the buildings would cost $10 million and make the University intramural programs equal to or better than those at any other Big Ten university.

March 18, 1965

Police arrested four University students in Montgomery, Ala for picketing outside the Alabama state capitol in support of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Police held the students – Eric Brown, David Aroner, Barry Goldstein and Helen Jacobson – for $300 bond each. Later that night, other University students in Montgomery picketed the jail, demanding the four students’ release.

March 18, 1958

The state Senate Appropriations Committee announced a $1 million cut in the University’s appropriation for the 1958-1959 school year. The University originally requested a $7 million increase. President Harlan Hatcher said such a cut would seriously cripple the University, curbing student enrollment and downsizing faculty.

March 16, 1948

Bennie Oosterbaan succeeded Fritz Crisler as head football coach. Crisler retained his two other positions as athletic director and chair of the physical education department. Previously, since 1941, he occupied all three positions. During his time as football coach, Crisler attained a record of 70 wins, 16 losses and 3 ties.

March 19, 1940

Twelve campus organizations announced plans for a peace demonstration later that spring. The organizations hoped to encourage the U.S. government to remain neutral in World War II.

– Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Jeremy Berkowitz.

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