Sixteen years ago Dr. Scudworth and his evil scientist friends collaborated to make the first group of famous human clones. But first, they had to create Mr. Sheepman, a “partially human” clone and Clone High’s chair of history department. His colleagues include aggressive and angry physical education teacher Eleanor Roosevelt and robotic counselor Mr. Butlerton. With the foundation of such an experienced faculty, Clone High was established in 1999, just as the first generation of famous clones entered freshman year.

Todd Weiser
Courtesy of MTV
Honest Abe gives the ladies a little straight talk.

The sight of sixteen- year-old Joan of Arc and Abe Lincoln as they walk down Clone High’s corridors among other greats as John F. Kennedy, George Washington Carver and Vincent Van Gogh is entertainment enough to creaate the most twisted concept since “Celebrity Deathmatch.” Each character replicates their “clone mother” or “clone father” with a modern slant of youth corruption. However, unlike “Celebrity Deathmatch,” the show contains a plot that sarcastically emulates other teen dramas like “Dawson’s Creek.”

The students all depict a stereotype and an image that most high school shows carry today. However, the irony and humor in “Clone High USA” is that famous historical figures known for their individuality are given a clich

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